Election Results 2016 Another story on election results 2016 by state polls

State polls were conducted in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina and Nevada, from August 8 to August 19.


State polls are telling another story, lining up Clinton in the election results 2016. Trump’s numbers are bad pretty much everywhere, including Iowa and Nevada where he had made a bright spots even after post-convention polls.dfsgffg


Since Tuesday, state polls are showing him down 6points in Ohio, 9 points in Florida and 11 points in Virginia. He has made a tie with Clinton in Georgia. However, there is also good news for Trump from Indiana and Mississippi, attaining double digits in those states that could have gone to Clinton. They are facing competitive races in Missouri and Texas.

Moreover, these state polls depict highly favorable trend lines for Clinton, as she gained ground in every one with an average swing of 6 percentage points toward her. This could help her to attain a good attention from the voters for the election results 2016. Without the most swing state polls, Quinnipiac Poll of Colorado, Clinton’s gain is 4 percentage points, still pretty good.

Election Results 2016
Election Results 2016| Hillary Clinton is moving into a higher lead
over Donald Trump on the presidential polls 2016, since the end of
the Democratic Convention